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 About Casey's work

In my work I am enthralled with the idea of infinite space and how matter, or in my case, materials, occupy and define an infinite stream of energy in a focused reality. Focused reality, for me, is the concept that dissimilar shapes with different characteristics (triangles, squares, pentagon, etc.) marry perfectly at their seams to form something larger than themselves combining their individual strengths to form a larger, stronger constitution despite the pressure of chaos willing them to spiral into infinity. I want to materialize in form, the idea of matter imploding and exploding into space. Utilizing protrusions, intrusions and equators, I materialize a representation of the place where they balance. From these most basic and infinite of nature’s primary sources I reveal a physical shocking presence. I try to reach a hyper realism with form to achieve a universal truth, to manifest an idea that could exist without the presence of the human mind.

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Email:                                   Phone:  505-697-7779

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